collision in public space, a chronology

When appropriation of public space happens, it happens at two levels. Protesters reclaim a physical site, but at the same time they appropriate a symbol of political identity. The outbreak of rioting or violence always shows civil unrest amongst certain groups of population. London has a long history experiencing them, dating back to the Peasants’ Revolt (1381), the Gin Riots (1743) or Bloody Sunday (1887). As featured yesterday in socks-studio & il post, here is a visual chronology of London’s history throughout its rioting in public space since 1915: communist marches, clashes between leftist and extreme right, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, racially motivated protests, against cuts or increased government taxes; anarchists, environmentalists, anti-globalization, anti-capitalist…


*1915: Destruction of a German shop by Londoners, Poplar High St.


*1936: Brit bobbies destroy a communist-built barricade near Mark Lane, opening the street to Oswald Mosley fascist supporters. Communist parade in the East End.


*September 1958: Racial turmoils, Notting Hill.


*March 1968: Pacific demonstration against war in Vietnam, Grosvenor Sq. (US Embassy).


*November 1970: Bobbies free Houghton Street from barricades built by London School of Economics students. They protested against traffic noise.


*September 1976: Notting Hill blacks vs. white turmoil.


*August 1979: Bobbies during racial turmoil in Notting Hill


*April 1981: Brixton turmoil.

*October 1985: Tottenham clashes arrests


*March 1990: Trafalgar Square’s protests against Poll Tax introduced by Margaret Thatcher.


*April 1993: Anti-nazi protests in front of BNP’s headquarter in Welling, South-East.


*April 1997: Environmental and anti-globalisation protests in front of Downing Street.


*November 1999: Aftermath of a parade against privatization of the railway system and against WTO, Euston Station.


*April 2009: Police hit by an egg during an anarchist, anti-capitalist and environmentalist protest the day before the G20 in London.


*November 2010: Students turmoils against increase in education taxes, London center.


*March 2011: Bobbies in front of a barricade in Jermyn St. after a parade against Governmental cuts.



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