the second window

Skvallerspegel are gossip mirrors. They consist of a very simple and popular device, which may be attached to the outdoor side of any window in Sweden. Being placed at 45º, they allow to look into the street without being seen. Gossip mirrors are communication tools linking interior and exterior, but working at the same time as privacy filters. They might be regarded either as the maximal extension of a traditional window or as the most efficient compression of a balcony: a second window. With unclear origins, they provide a relation between dwellers and pedestrians by means of a visual threshold. They lack the verbal or auditive channel that an open veranda would foster, but climatic conditions don’t precisely invite to establish such a connection under freezing temperatures. Severe weather might have invented Skvallerspegel to make winter time more enjoyable – dwellers curious about life outside; or perhaps it might have been dwellers’ perception of intimacy the reason for inventing them.

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  1. Analog CCTV :-)

  2. Reminds me of this artistic intervention :-)

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