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Global is the power of economy, and so are spreading the protests against its tyranny. The Funambulist posted today about the protest camp settled in Downtown Manhattan. In the same line with the protests of the 15-M movement of Spanish indignados, a new micro-society has recently begun at New York’s Zucotti Park. Being a private plot handed over to public use makes it easier to camp on, when compared to the troublesome evictions experienced in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol by the authorities (as long as the owner of the plot do not change his mind). Lambert denounces the incredible general silence of the media towards this grassroots movement that is growing bigger and bigger.

Like in Madrid, Occupy Wall Street protest camp has also renamed its site to Liberty Square, and its structure and usage of public space as a popular parliament reminds me to the Spanish ones: assemblies, commissions, support, actions… Current representative democracy can no longer be accepted as the least bad option for political systems. Global citizens seem to feel less and less identified with official leaders and they are claiming for more participation in politics and a change that is quite unexpected to come from within the establishment.

The Funambulist links to a very recommendable article by Gaston Gordillo [CriticalLegalThinking], featuring the resonance expansion of contemporary protests against corrupted systems of governance. As Gordillo refers to, The Revolution Will Not be Televised [Gill-Scott Heron, 1970s].

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  1. Like in Madrid, Occupy Wall Street protest camp has also renamed its site to Liberty Square

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