Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies

< […] a greying Mediterranean that stretches toward the horizon, above which heavy nimbus clouds appear ready to burst open in a mid-day shower. To the right of the screen, a volcanic mass juts from beneath the ocean’s surface, revealing a small island shaped much like a pumice stone – a tourist’s hideaway, perhaps, or a monastic sanctuary. The landscape, tinted in becalming pastels and high-definition aquamarine, suggests a placid environment on the verge of great turmoil. If Warnell’s mise-en-scène seems to bear a striking likeness to the fabled island shots in Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’avventura (1960), it is likely not coincidence.  For much as the paradigmatic Italian art film used littoral space as a semiological and architectonic conduit for traversing the boundaries of the Étranges and the Étrangers, Outlandish’s camera eye translates the swirling atmospheres of the ocean into a fluid subject, a foreign skin, an interzone of sorts in which to theorize the body and its relation to the ‘outside’ unknown. […] >

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‘Outlandish are the bodies: they are made of the outside, of the extraneitas that forms the outsider’s outsidiness…’ 
The first line of Jean-Luc Nancy’s ‘libretto’ for Outlandish


Phillip Warnell. Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies. 35 mm film, 20 min, 2009. [in collaboration with Jean-Luc Nancy]

[image> videostill via CPH:DOX 2011]

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