‘Unvoice’: paying tribute to the voids

The Silence Project [& sons, 2011] is a compilation of gaps that refill a new meaning. Suddenly, the most referential lyrics are removed from iconic songs that everybody has in mind to be simply reduced to their negative breaks, the anti-song. During these uncomfortable visual silences, the performer needs to force a smile, invent a gesture, anticipate a facial expression or intensify a feeling previously expressed in her last sentence. The melody is deconstructed, decontextualized, and so are the dancing movements and the audience clapping. A mix of anxiety and eager to know what we have missed invades us. We are presented with multiple preludes and epilogues that use voids to build a new entity. But we can only guess the actual content through the sweat, breath, wrinkles or opening of the mouths.

the silence project #2 Dolly Parton from & sons on Vimeo.

the silence project #1 Raphael from & sons on Vimeo.

the silence project #4 Olivia Newton John from & sons on Vimeo.

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