really, how big?

The physical size of an event can be easily grasped if related to one’s neighbourhood. Dimensions, as for the authors of How big really is a new way to communicate history, by overlapping the total size or extent of an event over a certain postcode area at the right scale.

However, this tool could also overlay more critical contemporary spaces, instead of doing it from a very perverse neutrality. In their site, topics range from the war on terror in Afganistan, the Moon landing, Ancient civilizations, environmental disasters in Pakistan and Chernobyl… But I just missed some more controversial issues in this project, which was launched and supported by the BBC.

And since they kindly ask for readers’ feedback for further implementation, I will suggest some other possible visualizations that I am very much looking forward to seeing in how big really, such as:

the size of London neighbourhoods expresssing civil discontent during the riots 2011,

the shrinkage of university facilities affected by cuts on education budgets,

the Queen’s properties put together over a slum in Mumbai,

the total amount of public space that is under current CCTV surveillance in London,

the distance in miles that soldiers walk within a year during changing the guard at Buckingham Palace,

the total floor area of privatized housing under Thatcher,

the size of demolished urban fabric that has been carried out to make place for the Olympics,





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