Performing Politics


7th & 8th of JUNE 2012 > 14,00 > 21,00 > Tempelhof Airfield > 



PERFORMING POLITICS  is a series of events. talks, spontaneous workshops, social and perceptual experiments, the main focus of which is the grey areas between art and architecture and their critical spatial practices operating at different levels, scales, and interactive modes.
As space practioners activating space… In light of the 2012 post-utopian crisis… Because we live in a feeling without….
PERFORMING POLITICS will happen inside of a 2 day schedule where the ideas generated and disccused will be transformed by the participants into things done. The two days event happens inside a 4 week event in Templehof, a ‘worlds fair’. One of the goals of the worlds fair is subvert the possibilty of a real worlds fair from ever taking place in Templehof and permantenly altering the space and vibrant social fabric in the commuities around the public space.  The World Is Not Fair – Die Grosse Weltausstellung 2012 is being organized by Raumlabor, HAO (Hebbel Am Ufer), and Christof Gurk. 

The architectural collective raumlaborberlin, in cooperation with Hebbel am Ufer, create a counter proposal to the format of the “Expo.” Under the title The World is Not Fair – The Great World’s Fair 2012, a tour with 15 pavilions will be set up for exploration on the grounds of the former airport in Tempelhof from June 1–24, 2012.

These pavilions are not to be understood as state agents for national branding, but instead as places of highly subjective artistic and political reflection. Beyond the boundaries of cultural disciplines, architects, theater artists, performers, and visual artists will seek to examine ideas, systems, and phenomena by which even the most outlying cultures are now globally connected with each other. What will be exhibited is not the world as it is or should be, but how we perceive, understand, and interpret it. Can it still be represented and negotiated as a totality at all?


7th june;14,00-14,15 :introduction

14,15-15,30 IVAN ARGOTE

15,30-15,45 questions / break

15,45-17,00 PETRIT HALILAJ

17,00-17,15 questions / break

17,15-18,30 KLARA HOBZA

18,30-18,45 questions / break


20,00-21,00 questions – round table – beers

8th june:
14,00-14,15 :introduction


15,15-15,30 questions / break

15,30-16,30 LUZ BROTO

16,30-16,45 questions / break

16,45-17,45 TODO POR LA PRAXIS (TXP)

17,45-18,00 questions / break


19,15-19,30 questions/ break

19,15-20,30 DECONCRETE

20,30-21,30 questions – round table – beers

The Institut für Raumexperimente is an educational research project by Prof. Olafur Eliasson, affiliated to the College of Fine Arts at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.


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