self-help reconstruction

^ Finale Emilia after the earthquake. Photo courtesy Collect_Finale


Finale Emilia is an Italian village of 15,962 inhabitants in Modena district, 15 meter above sea level, actually now only 12 m meter above sea level, after the earthquake on 20 May 2012.

Collect_Finale is a recent initiative launched by architects Alfredo Borghi and Francesca Bergamini three weeks after the earthquake to manage the disaster. According to them, nobody knows how to deal with chaos, neither the people nor the authorities; improvisation wastes many resources. The lack of coordination prevents citizens to join forces. So the platform started to connect different stakeholders (public institutions, citizens, artisans, sellers, farmers…) willing to cooperate in the spatial aftermath: gathering and monitoring data (which shops are open, which streets are accessible, who has surplus of food supplies…), managing the emergency, coordinating available resources to reconstruct damaged areas through efficient and participatory modes. Taking advantage of existing digital tools to improve bureaucratic burdens, Collect_Finale deals with transparency in the rebuilding process to regain control of the situation after the shock, determining priorities and hierarchies for intervention.

Collect_Finale is an open-source and ever-changing platform to attract requests and knowledge from agents involved in a state of emergency and to increase communication between institutions and citizens. The platform has been inspired by other similar 2.0 actions, such as: UshahidiBirmingham Civic DashboardFix my StreetDear LondonIdea Map or Tools for Actions 





^ Finale Emilia after the earthquake. Photos courtesy Collect_Finale

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