Lost Continent found in Seychelles through zircon crystals

^ Displacement of Reunion hotspotand the Indian plate. The numbers in circles mark millions of years. The area just underneath the sea surface will be considered as continental fragments from now on. [source> GFZ]


Under the law of the sea, if you can demonstrate you have a piece of continental crust, on which you can put your flag, you can immediately claim 200 nautical miles around it. And that’s yours under the law of the sea to do what you like with economically. So there’s some degree of economic significance to something that might be purely scientific in terms of its discovery.‘ [Richard Arculus, Professor of Geology, Australian National University]

Audio Source> abc News, after the study A Precambrian Microcontinent in the Indian Ocean, by Trond H Torsvik et al, published in Nature GeoScience 24/02/2013



^ Zircon crystal from Brazil. Image via examiner


Other similar cases of archaeo-geological argumentation for claiming territories:


Lord Howe Rise, west of New Zealand


Garoé Underwater Formation, Canary Islands, Spain


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