Post-Crisis Evangelical Real Estate


Due to a growing decrease in parishioners, the Evangelical Church closed 340 temples in Germany between 1990 and 2010. It is estimated that 700 additional churches will be shut down in the following 10 years. [source> el pais].

In order to financially cope with their heritage, they have recently launched an internet website to promote and deal with post-religious real-estate []. However, controversies concerning the metamorphosis of these empty buildings have arrived to the public opinion.

For me, the conflict is not about WHAT to do inside unused churches, but WHO has the authority to determine that. Who should decide on them being turned into luxury retail, hotels, restaurants and Muslim mosques (i.e. Kapernaum, Hamburg): the archbishop, local parishioners or the State? Is it the owner, the user/non-user or the government?



^ Gerhard-Uhlhorn Church for sale in Hannover. 1,276 m2. 410,000 €


^ Parchim Church for sale near Schwerin. 829 m2. 298,500 €


^ Church and parochial house in Stöcken, Hannover. 4,618 m2. 990,000 €



^ Church in Frankfurt am Main. 3,068 m2. Price upon request.



^ Church in Hannover. 4,161 m2. 640,000 €





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