techno-fearing dystopias

^ Black Mirror series 2 episode 2: White Bear (UK, 2013). Director: Carl Tibbetts. Writer: Charlie Brooker.


An absolutely brilliant trip to hyper-mediatized space:

“Victoria wakes with a head-ache and bandaged wrists,pills spilled on the floor. A strange sign is flickering on the television but she can remember nothing. Outside she meets Jem, a young woman who explains that the signal on the television set comes from the White Bear transmitter. It has turned most of the population into voyeurs who do nothing but watch and sometimes film as a deadly elite known as the hunters kill those unaffected by the signal,such as Jem and Victoria. Escaping from a hunter they reach the White Bear transmitter,which they intend to destroy. However the White Bear set-up is not what it first appears and nor is Victoria.” [text> imdb]


watch White Bear


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