The End of Modernity (again and again)

After Charles Jencks proclaimed the End of Modernity on March 16, 1972 shortly after 15:00 (the demolition of Pruitt-Igoe Council Estate in St Louis), how can we situate more recent demolitions of similar failed projects? Can we read them as the End of another Modernity? May they rather be the Beginning of a new era? How long will expand Jencks’ End of Modernity into the present future or the future present? What implies that these demolitions provoke such joy amongst assistants to the spectacle? Are demolitions architectural tools for urban planning or rather a matter of planning ‘social cleansing’?


^ Red Road Housing demolition. Glasgow, 5 May 2013


^ Lasswade Road Housing demolition. Edinburgh, 25 October 2009


^ High Marnham Power Station demolition. Retford, Nottinghamshire, 15 July 2012




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