Mapping and Assessing the Inundated


^ Reconstructed map of sunken Dunwich, UK, by David Sear et al.



The sunken medieval town of Dunwich has been recently surveyed in the report Dunwich, Suffolk:Mapping and assessing the inundated by David Sear (UoS), Andy Murdock (GDI), Tim LeBas (NOC), Paul Baggaley (WA) and Gemma Gubbins (GDI).

The town collapsed in the 1400s due to storms that battered the coastline and flooded it with silt. DIDSON-DH acoustic imaging technology has allowed tracking the ruins of the buildings on the seabed with the help of divers. The reconstruction of the shoreline through the stone blocks provides information about the settlement itself, but also about the climatic, topographic and social features of the time.


Dunwich Beach

^ Dunwich coast today via Wired


Dunwich_religious buildings_population_rental value paid_report


Dunwich_Magnetic targets


magnetometer survey 2009-2012_Dunwich



Dunwich coastline


Dunwich coast_1587-2000




Dunwich_top of cliffs positionsDunwich_coastlines 1050-2012




Big Picture: Lost Villages, cliff erosion

^ Yorkshire’s coastal erosion 2012_Image by Neil A White via The Guardian




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