Nation of Roundabouts

Nación Rotonda_Cádiz

^ Costa Ballena, Cádiz. 2003-2012 via Nación Rotonda


Nación Rotonda (Nation of Roundabouts) is an extremely valuable visualization tool to travel back in time to natural landscapes before the housing boom in Spain. Simply by overlaying satellite imagery of the same site with a lapse of 4, 10 or 15 years, one can detect any sort of speculative urbanization modes. It is not about displaying before and after, but a transition in the shaping of the landscape. The images put together two states of transformation in a brilliant format that allows seeing interrupted highways and unfinished roads. The demarcation line between the urban and the rural is made explicitly visible through the visualization tool, through which the viewer is required to displace that dividing line from left to right or right to left on the screen.


Ávila_Nación Rotonda

^ Ávila south. 2007-2010 via Nación Rotonda


Nación Rotonda_Alicante

^ Els Arenals del Sol, Alicante. 2002-2012 via Nación Rotonda


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