Franco & the Olympics

Franco-era named streets_Madrid_Antonio Ortiz Mateos

^ Architecture Memory: 184 streets “honoring” Franco times in today’s Madrid, by CeAQUA via público


It’s interesting how the city of Buenos Aires has fought back. The day that Ana Botella, Aznar’s wife and democratically un-elected Mayor of Madrid, showed her skills representing another real estate market folly to the world, aka. the third attempt to organise the Olympics in crisis-immersed Madrid, Buenos Aires provided a doses of disappointment through the IOC’s decision. There are many speculations about why Madrid was not chosen for 2020, apart from the current tremendous economic deficit. Is it due to the fact that Madrid still has to deal with its fascist past?

Spain helped to clarify the crimes occurred in Argentina during its dictatorship, but this year Argentina was not allowed to the same with the atrocities that took place during Franco’s regime in Spain. Just before the first attempt of a trial in Buenos Aires, there was a call coming from the Spanish Foreign Ministry warning that if such a trial was to be held, the relationships between both countries would be automatically damaged. The Argentinian case still tries to investigate Martín Vila‘s activities, the father in law of current Spanish Justice Minister (and former mayor of Madrid) Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón. Furthermore, Botella’s uncle Dr. José Botella Llusía (1912-2002), along the lines of the Nazi-trained Dr. Vallejo Nájera, has also been reported (and never judged) for involvement in the political business of kidnapping babies from “communist immoral mothers” during the Franco era in his maternity clinic in Madrid.

Even this summer, there has been a very worrying new wave of showing Spanish parafernalia from the Franco era (flags, greetings, sentences…) in public political events “by mistake”, as well as during private celebrations of several youngsters affiliated to Botella’s party.

The map above, shows the 184 streets in Madrid, that still today “honor” the names behind the dictatorship.

Download Plano Franquista de Madrid




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