Partytopias In Berlin

Urban Research. Drawings, Models, Animation, Photographs, Text. Berlin, 2011.


Partytopias are the most fragile building typology, and in their fragility relies their incredible power. They consist of nomadic structures that set up an ephemeral city with every party. People come and go or rather stay, but everyone can enjoy a basic infrastructure, which functions as a temporary housing environment in an interrupted space and time. The party-scene in Berlin has configured itself as one of the richest testing fields for living practices and instant settlements in the contemporary city. This micro-treatise on counter-geographic architectural elements reconsiders principles of spatial production by gazing into Berlin’s phenomenological interactive and hedonist Moments.



Sun Blinds





  1. Paulo


  2. Fantastic, insightful article! The research and content is incredibly exciting and engaging. The execution of the piece itself is perhaps the most exciting element though, the gif diagrams, relational graphs etc.. Impressed with the blur between a formal essay and that of a blog/interactive logging of data! Thanks for sharing.

  3. NICE! great article, great graphs. Soy fans.

  4. Lorena Matos

    Any email I can contact you with ?

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    daniel @ deconcrete [dot] org