The Housing Act

The Housing Act


The Housing Act is a campaign that seeks to introduce a more human discourse on the subject of housing rights. In addition, it provides a forum for legal counseling and an archive of international grassroots references. In times when financial hardship is dramatically jeopardising our basic human needs—the right to housing being one of them—unexpected and creative mechanisms of relief arise. When governments and institutions fail to provide immediate solutions to these problems, unprecedented reactions from untrained actors come into play. Interestingly, this destabilising moment in finance capitalism also underlines its obscure way of working by surfacing our absolute dependency on it—both economically and psychologically. Over the course of three months, The Housing Act campaign will draft a collaborative and comprehensive petition informed by an ongoing open forum with the aim of officially introducing the concept of human and inclusive housing rights. The Housing Act website will be an important resource for those seeking advice on legal housing issues.



A project by Daniel Fernández Pascual, curated by José Esparza Chong Cuy within New PublicsClose, Closer Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2013


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